What Is Xenophobia And Why Do People Engage In It?

There has been a growing conversation on the issue of xenophobia ever since the recent attacks on foreigners in South Africa became public knowledge. Many people have been wondering what the term means and why people engage in the act.

Xenophobia, known as the fear or hatred of something or someone that is perceived to be foreign or strange, has been occurring mostly in South Africa for nearly three decades and  the crisis has been blamed on many issues.

The perpetrators of xenophobic attacks often have aversion to their victims’ culture, country, personality, race, ethnicity, crime or even success. In South Africa, the locals often accuse other African nationals like Nigerians, Somalians and Zimbabweans of being criminals and taking away opportunities from them.

In response to these grievances, the locals attack the foreigners, destroy their businesses and ask them to leave their country. The violent crisis always end up claiming innocent lives and respective African governments are beginning to seek a lasting solution to the issue.

To have a better understanding of the meaning of xenophobia, watch the video below.

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