How to prevent suicidal persons from jumping into lagoon from Third Mainland Bridge

These following measures can be put in place to prevent people from reducing the bridge to a place of death.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) on Monday called for useful information concerning the alleged suicide on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

An unidentified woman was said to have dived into the lagoon on Sunday, June 10, and efforts to recover her body have so far proved abortive.

The story went viral on social media platforms and though some dismissed it as a rumour, others claimed it really happened.

The recent rate of suicide attempts show clearly that there is frustration and hardship in the land. Many Nigerians have been driven into depression and other mental health conditions.

In the past few years, one major spot where suicide is being reported quite frequently is the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

These following measures can be put in place to prevent people from reducing the bridge to a place of death:

Erecting high mesh fences on Third mainland:

Many suicidal persons get on the bridge to jump into the water, and this could be prevented by restricting access to the rails. High fences on bridges have been adopted by developed countries and this may be effective in preventing impulsive acts.

Constant patrol of Third Mainland bridge:

LASEMA and the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) should deploy more men to the Third Mainland Bridge.

The presence of such officials would go a long way in deterring suicidal persons from roaming the bridge.

Publicizing clearly stated laws on suicide:

Many Nigerians do not know that to suicide attempts is an offence.

Despite that several countries and jurisdictions across the globe have repealed their legal statutes criminalizing suicide attempts, suicide attempt remains a crime in several African countries – including Nigeria.

This should be highly publicised for the general public’s awareness.

Erecting suicide signage at Third Mainland bridge:

The image of someone killing him or herself by jumping from a bridge or another high place is a powerful one. It resonates profoundly in the public consciousness, a mind of a person who wants to jump from the Third Mainland Bridge may be pricked if suicide signage is erected on it.

Above all, suicidal behavior is a symptom of medical or psychological issues which require medical, psychological or psychiatric services.

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