World Friendship Day: “33” Export Connecting Long Lost Friends

It is easy to see why “33’ Export lager beer is so beloved, its profound commitment to promoting connections and brilliantly crafted consumer engagement activities.


The brand, whose popularity among beer lovers across Nigeria is apparent by its many nicknames, has maintained a loyal following, despite the plethora of lager beer brands in the market.


Lovers of the brand are quick to fill up arenas to interact with “33” Export’s signature blend of wit and gamification. This is done so well that many consumers now assume games such as Jenga and Connect 4 are proprietary staples of the “33” Export brand experience.


Some of the brand’s unforgettable experiential activities include the highly appreciated “City of Friends” initiative and the recently introduced “33” Export Connect parties. The Connect experience took to the road with a mammoth series of parties, making 33 stops across Nigeria while exciting and rewarding consumers.

“33” Export is unapologetic in its commitment to celebrating friends all over Nigeria, and it repeatedly emphasizes this through its advertising campaigns, as well as its experiential platforms. This year, the brand pledged to help pop superstar Kcee connect with his friend with whom the singer lost touch over 20 years ago. Not only did “33” Export find the friend, but it also rewarded two of Kcee’s fans by helping them connect with their long lost friends as well.


Consumers can expect more of these in the coming years, says the Portfolio Manager, Mainstream Lager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr Omotunde Adenusi,


““33” Export is known for giving consumers unique exciting experiences. We will provide friends and lovers of the brand opportunities to bond and share great moments, through activities that create a positive and enjoyable ambience for everyone present.”


“33” Export does not just sell a beer, it sells an experience, Adenusi adds.


Few brands have stood the test of time like “33” Export has, and a huge part of this success, is owed to the following the brand has been able to sustain. Not only is this deserving of commendation but it is also a lesson to newer, younger brands looking to build lasting connections that will transcend the times.

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