WATCH: Outrage over DSS’ “maltreatment” of alleged State House impostor

claimed she got access to the Villa through Wife of President’s sister.


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The humiliating treatment of Amina Mohammed by the DSS and pressmen has been released to public domain.

Amina, who also goes by the aliases, Justina Oluoha and Amina Villa, has been accused of parading herself as Rashida Bello, wife of Kogi governor.

The DSS also alleged that she had unauthorised access to the Presidential Villa and used the office of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari to engage in fraudulent acts.

“She used the false identity to evade protocol and scrutiny, thus gaining unauthorised access into the villa and particularly the residence of Mrs Buhari,” DSS spokesman, Peter Afunanya, said Monday.

“She took advantage of the fact that personalities such as First Ladies, ministers and certain categories of officials are not taken through the rigorous protocol and security checks at the villa posts.”

But Amina’s rights was violated as the media team desperately aimed to milk the situation by hounding her during interrogation. They attempted to film her and she resisted.

She claimed she got access to the Villa through Wife of President’s sister. She also mentioned that Babachir Lawal, former SGF Head, was involved in the scheme. She claimed she’s innocent.

The ill-treatment has attracted public outrage.

Aisha Buhari’s sister whom Amina claimed granted her access to the Villa, we understand, has not been called for DSS grilling.

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