Warring gangs destroy shops, injure many in Mushin

There was a breakdown of law and order in the vicinity for as long as the stand-off lasted.

A violent clash between hoodlums believed to be members of two warring gangs has led to the destruction of some shops and injuring many people in the Mushin area of Lagos.

The incident which happened on Sunday saw a throng of young people wielding cutlasses, axes, broken bottles and all sorts of weapons with which they used to inflict harm on each other.

One faction of the rival cults is reported to have poured petrol on shops in the neighbourhood and set them ablaze while residents scampered for safety. The action further exacerbated the conflict into a free-for-all. Innocent passers-by were caught in the violence as the arson and blood-letting lasted for almost one hour.

The police was not quick in responding to the incident. There was a breakdown of law and order in the vicinity for as long as the stand-off lasted.

“The cultists are the real owners of this area,” one of the residents lamented.

“We are always at alert for breakouts like this and we are used to sleeping with one eye closed but things cannot continue this way with some group of boys turning themselves into outlaws. This is why we want the government to provide a lasting solution to this menace.”

The Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State police command and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) with the Lagos State fire service eventually moved into the area. They succeeded in dousing the fire and bringing back normalcy to the streets.

No lives were reportedly lost in the incident and there’s no account of severe injuries that may lead to death later on.

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