Lai Mohammed: FG spends N3.5m to feed El-Zakzaky monthly, as it haggles N30,000 minimum wage with workers

Not many Nigerians believe that the ridiculous figure mentioned by Information Minister was correct.

Shi’a Muslim leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky feeds fat on food that costs the Federal Government N3.5 million monthly, according to Information Minister Lai Mohammed.

“Let’s keep it off record, he’s in a residence and eating … It costs the government about N3.5m every month to feed him,” Mohammed said in a viral video.

But the Federal Government continues to hold onto El-Zakzaky. He has been in detention since December 2015, with his wife.

If Mohammed’s quite ridiculous assertion as the Minister of Information is anything to go by, then the government would have spent in excess of N120m in feeding him in three years.

“Honestly, don’t quote me, but these are the facts,” Mohammed further said in the clip.

“So please. We don’t want to inflame passion. The issue is a very sensitive matter. But that is the situation. The Islamic Movement of Nigeria are a different kettle of fish.”

The revelation is just as workers in the country cry for an increase in minimum wage. President Buhari only recently agreed to consider NLC’s N30,000 wage demands.

Several lives have been lost since the FG arrested El-Zakzaky for alleged treason.

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