“Justice is all we want” – girlfriend of young man killed by SARS

The killers are still at large.

The family of Kolade Johnson are having a hard time dealing with his tragic death since he was felled by a bullet fired by SARS operatives on Sunday.

The young man was said to be watching a football match at Onipetesi area of Lagos when he felt a bullet piercing through his body. Reports say the SARS operatives had stormed the area to arrest another young man for rocking dreadlocks.

Kolade didn’t survive the stray bullet as he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

His killers, officers of the law, escaped the scene and haven’t been apprehended till now.

“No one seems to know where the SARS guys were from,” Kolade’s girlfriend, Stephany tells Neusroom on Monday.



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The deceased left behind a son and close friends and family were at crossroads about telling his mother about his demise.

“She has heard and she’s not handling it well,” Stephanie says, adding that she’s “with her [the mother] right now”.

The girlfriend tells Neusroom that he was a hardworking young man who never engaged in fraud.

“He wasn’t a yahoo boy,” she says. “All I know is, though he didn’t have a steady job, but he ran his hustle in agric business… farm feeds etc.”

Kolade’s tragic death has since sparked another #EndSARS campaign, but neither the police nor the government has publicly responded to the outrage.

“Justice is all we want,” Stephanie pleads.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo ordered a reform of the police unit in August 2018 but new Police IG Mohammed Adamu, shortly after he was sworn in, ordered that FSARS unit be decentralised and controlled by state police commissioners.

The move was widely criticised.

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