Election Observers Decry Nigeria’s Return To The Days Of Election Violence

Election observers in the recently concluded governorship elections in Bayelsa and Kogi have expressed disappointment on the violence that marred the exercise.

According to reports from eyewitnesses in Kogi, at least four persons lost their lives from violence in various polling units in the state.

The NBA’s Election Working Group led by its Chairman, Afam Osigwe, released a report where it condemned the conduct and said the violence undermined the credibility of the election.

“In light of the large scale acts of violence, disruptions of the electoral process, snatching of electoral materials by armed persons some of whom were dressed in police uniform, coupled with sporadic gunshots that scared voters away from voting centres, as observed by the NBA EWG, the elections in Kogi State failed to meet the minimum standards of a credible election,” the report read in part.

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