Businessman digs grave, cuts human parts for money rituals in Osun

Bamidele was on his way to his herbalist’s house when he was arrested.

A businessman in Osun seeking to boost his wealth by hook or by crook has been arrested after being found in possession of human parts.

Supo Bamidele was allegedly taking a fresh human head, two hands, and three human flesh to his native doctor when he was arrested along Erefe area, Ondo road, Ile-Ife.

Bamidele’s claim that his herbalist, Amos Suleiman, requested for the parts to carry out money ritual on his behalf was denied by the latter.

The 48-year-old businessman who is said to be popular in the state said he got the human parts from a grave at the cemetery in Ifon community.

He was on his way to Suleiman’s house when he was arrested.

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