Armed Robbery, Kidnappings Aside, El-Rufai Declares Kaduna-Abuja Road as the Safest in Nigeria


The governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai has declared the Kaduna-Abuja express road as the safest road in Nigeria regardless of the high level of violent crimes occurring along the road.

He was confident that Nigerian security operatives have flushed out all the criminal elements causing mayhem on the road, and that it was now safe for commuters.

“The Kaduna-Abuja road has not witnessed a single incident of criminality or kidnapping in the last two and half months,” he said.

“But, many people still think it is not safe, they are not plying it and the rest. That road is the safest road in Nigeria today. Because of constant surveillance; the Air Force have helicopters and planes constantly hover the road and they are feeding information, and the kidnappers that use to stay around the road have all been wiped out or chased deeper into the jungle.”

In the past months, armed robbery, kidnappings, and violent crimes forced commuters to abandon the road in favour of using trains. But El-Rufai believes that all of that is in the past now, and commuters are free to use the road during their trips to and from Abuja.

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