5 Ways “33” Export Connected Lovers, Friends, and Strangers At The Connect Valentine Mingle

Ever connected with new and existing friends via games and competitions to yield exciting gifts?

Well residents of Uyo and Lagos did on Valentine’s Day and they had a blast!

“33” Export, the beer revered for promoting themes such as mateship and loyalty, leveraged on the valentine season to spread the message of love and togetherness while strengthening its bond with its consumers.

In other to create an ambiance for networking and connection, Here were five games played at the “33” Export valentine connect party.

How well Do you Connect With Your Spouse: This was a game that involved various couples. The goal of the game was to discover which of the couples had connected the most over the period of their marriage. Each couple had to take a seating position facing opposite directions while holding 2 plaques each with ‘Bae’ and ‘Boo’ written on it. The couples were required to answer with any of the plaques when questions pertaining ‘who did what” was asked. The couple whose answers synced the most in reply to all 5 questions, was considered the victor. The winning couple scored five points out of five and were rewarded with mouth-watering gifts alongside the other couples.

This gave room for couples to know more about each other as well as pick some pointers from the others.

How Strong Is Your Connection With Your Friend: This was a game that gave the opportunity for really close friends to participate and stand a chance of winning a brand new 32 inch LED TV and a generator. The game involved questions that tackled friends on how well they know each other.

Jenga Game:  The Jenga game was a competition between total strangers. It gave room for strangers to momentarily indulge in strategic thinking and dig into each other’s brain while at it. The game consists of taking one, and only one block from any level ( except the one below the incomplete top level) of the tower, and placing it on the topmost level to complete it. Only one hand is used at a time when taking blocks from the tower.

For every point after the game, you find total strangers become instant friends as they complimented each other on a game well played.

Connect With The Lyrics: This section of the games gave attendees the opportunity to get a feel of the microphone while connecting lyrically to their favorite tunes. At intervals, DJ Kentucky, the event’s disc jockey paused the music to ascertain that the sing-along was in sync.

Dance Competition: The population of attendees at the “33” Connect  Valentine Mingle was a mixture of adults and young adults. When the MC, MC Shakara announced the dance competition, the youths who were mostly National Youth Service Corps members did not hesitate to jump to the forefront for the competition. The dance competition saw them slug it out on the dance floor in a bid to win mouth-watering prizes courtesy “33” Export.

There you have it, five games that created an atmosphere for networking and connection. If after reading this you feel like you missed out, don’t you worry, the next “33” Connect event is slated for March and it could be coming to a location near you.

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