2019 Election: “INEC’s position on my candidacy will have little effect” – Oby Ezekwesili

Ezekwesili also denied having any ulterior motive for running for the presidential seat.

Former Presidential candidate Oby Ezekwesili has finally reacted to accusations that she used her short lived interest in the 2019 election to siphon donations from the public.

Ezekwesili pulled out of the race to the shock of many.

Her party, ACPN, quickly accused her of seeking ministerial appointment from the government. The party said it is now going to support President Buhari’s reelection bid.

In her first public reaction to the allegations, Ezekwesili apologised to her supporters for backing out of the race. She, however, denied having any ulterior motive for running.

She also said INEC’s position that the ACPN would still appear on the ballot as she didn’t announce her withdrawal on time would have no significance.

“I acknowledge INEC’s position on the withdrawal of my candidacy. Based on the Electoral Act, time has elapsed for withdrawal so the law still sees me as a presidential candidate,” Ezekwesili said on Monday.

“However, I have suspended my campaign and INEC’s position on my candidacy will have little effect.

“I will work hard to ensure that those who would have voted for me, cast their votes instead for the consensus candidate who will hopefully emerge from the coalition of willing credible alternatives in the coming days.

“My lawyers have officially written to INEC in a symbolic gesture to make them aware of my separation from ACPN,” she added.

The presidential election will hold on February 16.

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