Why Nigerians are Joining Dettol’s #NationalHandwashChallenge

According to UNICEF, the prevalence rate of diarrhoea in Nigeria is 18.8%, accounting for an estimated 150,000 deaths yearly amongst children under five due to poor hygienic and sanitary practices.

Since we cannot see, feel or smell bacteria, proper hand washing habits help protect you and your family and prevent bacteria from contaminating your food and key areas in your kitchen, and this is why Dettol through the Clean Naija Initiative started the #NationalHandwashChallenge.

The goal is to get 20 million clean hands by the end of year 2020, and as such, everyone should personally champion the promotion of proper personal hygiene in Nigeria by joining the #NationalHandwashChallenge.

Dettol has products such as the antiseptic liquid, the anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer which will be instrumental to the achievement of the challenge.

You can join the challenge by taking a picture or video whilst washing your hands, after which you’d post it on social media, tag @DettolNigeria and @CleanNaijaNG, and also tag 5 of their friends to do the same using the hashtag #DettolCleanNaija.

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