What To Expect At 2019 Social4Media Workshop

The 2019 edition of Social4Media workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

This year’s edition themed: Re-imagine The Media, aims to analyse and provide solutions for challenges facing media today, particularly with the advent of new, disruptive technology.

Some of the vital information participants can expect to take away from the event include:

1. Learn new ways of doing things

Participants at 2019 Social4Media will learn, from an array of professionals in media, how to embrace new technology and use it effectively to achieve desired results as well as generate revenue.

Speakers and panelists set to grace the Social4media workshop.

2. Opportunity to network

One of the most effective ways media practitioners can grow in their career is by networking with other professionals, and this is one of many perks that Social4Media offers. Participants will meet professionals who will share vital knowledge on what works and how to things differently.

3. Opportunity to socialise

As the name implies, participants at the digital training workshop will have the opportunity to socialise with other professionals in their field, on a day. There will also be valuable lessons and of course, good food!

Social4Media is a workshop designed to help reporters, bloggers, editors, PR execs and other professionals who work in media to better understand the relevant social media platforms and tools, and how to use them. Visit https://social4media.idafrica.ng/ for more information.

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