Fulani man allegedly caught with human skull in Oyo

Musa claims innocence.

Musa Ahmed, a Fulani man, has claimed to be a victim of circumstance after he was arrested for allegedly travelling with a human skull.

He was travelling in a commercial bus from Kwara to Ogbomoso when police operatives stopped the vehicle for a search.

The skull was found in a bag of a man who fled the scene and Ahmed was arrested as an accomplice.

The suspect, who claimed to be a farmer and a herder, said during a parade in Ibadan on Wednesday that he knew nothing about the skull.

“I went to the motor park to board a car travelling to Ogbomoso from Ilesa Baruba in Kwara State. That was not my first time of travelling through that route. I put my bag in the booth of the vehicle like every other passenger,” he said.

“When the police stopped us to check our luggage, my bag was near that of another passenger, who took to his heels as soon as the bags were being checked. Three policemen ran after him but couldn’t catch him.

“So they said I knew about the skull they found in his bag. I was accused because I was the only Fulani man in the vehicle,” he added.

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