…beginning of a new era of cool with the all New Heineken 33cl Cans

In an effort to increase its appeal, international premium beer brand, Heineken has just unveiled its new all-green 33cl cans at an exclusive event in Lagos on Friday, August 30, 2019.


The cans are being introduced to Nigerian consumers maintaining Heineken’s contemporary and progressive identity. In an increasingly cluttered beer category, Heineken is reaching a new level of brand recognition exploring more powerful ways to visually express its unique brand identities.

With a fresh design that highlights the brand’s iconic red star, Heineken’s trademark green is wrapped around the can, while enhancing its other features. More radical is the brand’s use of the Heineken wordmark as a wrap-around text.

Speaking on the new design, Senior Brand Manager, Heineken, Mfon Bassey said,

“The new cans are in line with Heineken’s green identity as the fresh design looks stylish and sleek calling your attention at every turn.

Heineken’s red star is one of the brand’s most important visual identify and we had to play it up in this new design to reinforce the brand’s identity. It is now larger and more visible helping it stand out to consumers.”

Coupled with the new design, Heineken has also introduced a new store keeping unit, the 33cl sleek can helping to ensure the brand stays fresh in the minds of the consumers, enhancing functionality, and increasing brand appeal.

Popularly known as The Chairman, Heineken is unique for its great taste, rich tradition and superior quality. The new cans are bold and ambitious, a renewed statement of style, emphasized by the matte feel, velvet design, and the iconic red star.

The new Heineken cans are an authentic taste of the urban lifestyle, at the heart of popular culture with heightened functionality, proving that only the chairman can.

With its presence in 192 countries worldwide, the international premium beer brand, Heineken remains one of the world’s most consumed international beer brands, consistently upping the ante in providing consumers with unique, remarkable experiences.

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