Angry Youths Set Akure Church on Fire Over Missing Child

Sotitobire Miracle Church in Oshinle Quarters, Akure was reduced to rubbles on Wednesday following a protest over a child who went missing during church service in November.

The one-year-old boy, Gold Kolawole is believed to have been kidnapped in the church and the police were accused of not doing enough to resolve the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

But after a rumour broke out that the boy had been exhumed from the church altar, many youths attacked the church and set it ablaze.

Their anger was fanned by the fact that the leadership of the church was conducting a service despite the presumed barbaric act.

It was later revealed that the rumours were not true, but the damage had already been done.

The police stated that the attack should not have happened if a popular TV station did not spread the unsubstantiated rumour to the irate youths.

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