What Exactly Is Wrong With Drinking Codeine?

“Why shouldn’t I drink codeine, after all it’s medicine na?” A young man of roughly about 20 years asked brazenly when handed a flyer promoting a drug-free life.

Many young Nigerians who are becoming addicted to the cough syrup ask the same question. Sadly, this dangerous adventure is not restricted to cough syrup; some are addicted to painkillers and various substances.

The answer to the question is quite simple – drinking cough syrup in doses other not prescribed can and will gradually kill you. The effects are destructive – it starts with fatigue, drowsiness, and confusion. Then comes a sensation of dizziness and lightheadedness. It can escalate to breathing problems – from slow and labored, to not breathing at all. There is also low blood pressure, unresponsiveness and coma. And the finale of no return – death!

That’s why you shouldn’t ‘drink’ codeine. You have your bright future ahead of you, and you can’t mess it all up with a bottle of codeine. It is that simple.

That’s why people banded together to walk from the Ndubuisi Park, Alausa, Lagos, down to Allen Roundabout and back, just to let the youngsters know that they can’t mess up the future because of a ‘high’.

ASAP Volunteers advocating for a #drugfreelife 


Anu Washington, a student of FCE Tech, Akoka, Yaba, is now a volunteer. He attended the State Conference in February, and like some of his friends, he joined in the walk to show solidarity. The movement has begun! You can be part of the ASAP movement to #IstandforASAP

Anu Washington (right), MTN ASAP Volunteer, dancing during the MTN ASAP Awareness walk

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