RIVERS: Man beats lover to death, buries her in his room

Owabie was promptly mobbed and handed over to the police.

The grave of a lady identified as Betha Ogbede has been uncovered in her lover’s room in Rumuepirikom, Rivers State.

Betha’s boyfriend,¬†Prince Owabie allegedly beat her to death and buried her in the room to cover his tracks.

Reports say the deceased had decided to pack her things out of Owabie’s home on Sunday due to constant beating he allegedly subjected her to.

But Betha’s decision apparently didn’t sit well with Owabie. She was said to have called her sister while she was trying to leave the house that he wanted to kill her.

She didn’t return home as expected.

Owabie was queried about his lover’s whereabouts by concerned relatives but he reportedly denied knowing where she was since she left his house.

A search through his house by the deceased’s family early Wednesday morning led to the shocking discovery that her grave was right in a corner in his room.

He was promptly mobbed and handed over to the police.

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