Minister of Water Resources Encourages Better Hygiene as Dettol Celebrates Global Handwash Day

L-R — Marketing Director, Reckitt Benckiser (RB) West Africa, Syed Tanzim Rezwan; Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Hussein Adamu; Former Head of Civil Service, Mrs. Ebele Okeke; Director of Water Quality, Ministry of Water Resources, Mr. Emmanuel Awe, during the Dettol Global Handwashing Day event on Tuesday, October 15th 2019 in Abuja.                   

The world’s leading antibacterial brand Dettol, on October 15th, 2019, marked the Global Handwashing Day at an event hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources in Abuja which was aptly themed ‘Clean Hands for All’. The event which attracted healthcare professionals, schools  and other stakeholders also had the Minister of Water Resources, Engr. Suleiman Adamu in attendance.

The Global Handwashing Day is an international advocacy day dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding about the importance of washing hands with soap, as an effective way of  preventing diseases. The theme for this year — ‘Clean Hands for All’, follows the push to leave no one behind in the Sustainable Development Agenda. Inequalities to the access of handwashing facilities and effective handwashing promotion programs can put individuals at higher risk for diseases that impact their health.

Earlier in the year, Dettol had unveiled a new hand wash station at the popular Ojuwoye market as part of activities for its Clean Naija Initiative, a campaign that advocates for better health and hygiene for all. The ultimate goal is to pass the message that regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economical status, everyone can stay happier and healthier just by cultivating the simple habit of thorough hand washing.

Minister of Water Resources, Engr. Suleiman Adamu while speaking at the event stressed the need for Nigerians to maintain proper hygiene, as he called it a patriotic act. In his words, “We appreciate and support RB and Dettol for their relentless effort in fighting for better hygiene in Nigeria. We hope to build a greater level of awareness and achieve behavioural change amongst Nigerians, such that will lead to more hygienic practices and ultimately, a healthier population.”

The Marketing Director, RB West Africa, Mr. Syed Tanzim Rezwan added that, “Dettol understands the importance of good hygiene and sanitation in the lives of Nigerians. The Clean Naija Initiative was developed as an integrated multi-level campaign with the aim of creating awareness, education and driving behavioural change to achieve a cleaner and healthier Nigeria.”

RB Nigeria, through its Dettol brand, already has  a number of programs committed to tackling some of these issues. They include: The School Hygiene Program, through which RB has educated over seven million children on proper hand hygiene habits over the past 7 years, and the New Mum’s Program, through which RB has educated over five million pregnant and new mothers on hygienic practices to protect them during the pre- and post- phases of their pregnancies.

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