Landlady Alarmed As Daredevil Tenant Converts Apartments To Hotel

When Mrs. Hannah Otite, a 75-year-old landlady who owns a property at No. 3 Kafi Street in Alausa area of Ikeja, Lagos was told that two flats in her property have been converted into a hotel by a belligerent tenant without her consent, she could not believe it.

But to her greatest surprise, the tenant, Oshinsegun Ashley had indeed turned the flats to a hotel and resorted to threatening her when she confronted him to reverse the illegal conversion of the apartments.

She recounted how she was brought to tears when she found out about the matter two years ago.

“I wept the day I found out that he had converted my house to a hotel because it was never in my plan. After pleading with him on several occasions to correct what he had done, and move out of my house, he asked me to institute legal action against him, boasting that he would not pay rent for the number of years the case would be in court,” Mrs. Otite said.

After trying all she could to evict the troublesome tenant without much success, she decided to report the matter at the Ikeja Police Station and take the case to court.

Responding to the accusations, Ashley said he got the apartments on lease and mentioned his intention of converting the flats to aparthotels to his landlady.

“I am into the hotel and apartments business and I am surprised that after I have added value to the property, she wants me out. How is that possible? I am not threatening her life and everything is in court anyway,” he said.

Mrs. Otite concluded that she would have never permitted turning her property into a chalet. She prays the court gives her a timely verdict against her tenant.

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