HOPE: Why Banky W’s declaration for House of Reps seat deserves applause

It is important that more forward thinking Nigerian youths strive to occupy such seats.

Banky W’s announcement on his decision to represent the people of his constituency came right out of the blue.

But it had been coming.

He is one of few Nigerian artists who have been bold in questioning the government and holding it accountable.

He partook in a nationwide protest against former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration on the fuel subsidy scam, aptly named ‘Occupy Nigeria’.

He has many times encouraged Nigerian youths to partake in the electoral process by registering and collecting their PVCs.

At a time when Nigerians fault singers and celebrities in the country for not using their influence among the youths for a greater cause, Bankole Wellington has been speaking.

Banky, in his announcement Saturday night, spoke on the importance of having worthy representatives for the masses at the local, state, and federal level, and he couldn’t be more correct, as that has sadly become a plague on Nigerian communities.

“Getting a voter’s card alone is no longer enough; because that does not give you a say in putting up the kind of candidates that you believe in,” he said.

Today, at the local government level, particularly for councilorship and chairmanship positions, representatives are hardly ever present in their communities. In fact, many of those who occupy such positions are unworthy to lead or represent a group of five people.

They are mostly intellectually inept politicians who have worse academic background than the public officials who have recently been exposed. And then they work their way up the ladder up to the pinnacle of political seats in the country.

As a result, the youths do not care about them (the representatives), simply choosing to direct their angst at the plush offices of the Governor and President.

But the pothole-riddled roads in inner communities, the transformers that have become faulty, the community hospitals and more, are responsibilities of the local representatives to take up to the State government.

The representatives at the Federal House of Reps, which Banky is gunning for, will also be responsible for championing bills that will positively impact the people of their constituencies.

It is therefore important, that more forward thinking Nigerian youths strive to occupy such seats, and that others troop out in support… In order to be able to demand proper accountability.

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