7 Takeaways from the Nigerian Entertainment Conference, #NECLive7

The seventh edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference, #NECLive7 has come and gone, but its echoes still remain. The event which was held last Wednesday, April 24 brought together practitioners from various sectors of the entertainment industry and beyond.

The discussions were centred around the theme of the day: ‘Mobile, Data, Consumers and the Future of Entertainment in Nigeria’.

After several discussions, performances and heart-to-heart fireside chats, here are some of the takeaways from the conference.

  1. Nigerian Entertainment industry will be worth more than $9.9billion by 2022.

To put this in a proper perspective, the industry will be churning out N3.55 trillion by the year 2022, and this is an indicative of a high profit margin for key players in the industry. Exciting times are coming for those in the entertainment industry.

  1. Data will determine the future of entertainment in Nigeria

For a long time now the Nigerian entertainment industry has been growing on autopilot. There are no definite structures or tried and proven methods of doing things in the industry. But all of that is about to change as technology creates a new dynamic on how content is produced and distributed.

  1. Nigerian Entertainment Conference, NECLive will become a three-day event from next year

The founder of BHM Group and convener of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference, Ayeni Adekunle announced in his keynote speech at #NECLive7 that the conference will now become a three-day event from 2020 to give room for more discussions and broaden the scope of the event. He also hinted on the possibility of hosting the conference across Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt to make it more accessible for people around the country.

  1. Nigerian content is becoming popular on the global scene

Nollywood and Nigerian music industry are making waves around the world and global players are paying attention to our content. Mr Eazi and Burna Boy’s performance at Coachella this year further buttressed this point and the future is quite exciting for the Nigerian entertainment industry.

  1. A combination of smartphone and social media can turn anyone into a media powerhouse

Maybe not really, but the barrier to producing and distributing content has been shattered by the duo of smartphone and social media, which have opened up a lot of opportunities to several people who are now influencers and content producers in their own right. The monopoly is no longer entirely in the hands of big media companies.

  1. NET Honours Award made a comeback and some notable people won

The NET Honours Award returned to NECLive where nominated individuals were recognized for their roles in the events that shaped the year in review, using data from theNETng website and social media platforms.

  1. Live performances from upcoming music artistes, dance and stage play

The event came alive with performances from Kabusa Oriental Choir, Dance Na The Main Thing, Theatre Hub Africa among others who thrilled the audience with amazing displays.

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