We’re Committed to Reducing Cost of Goods in Africa  – Lori COO, Uche Ogboi

In today’s fast-paced world where people expect goods and services to be delivered to them in record time, the conversation has shifted from what needs to be transported to how quick the item can reach its destination. Time is now of the essence, and most people do not want to wait for an eternity to get their packages, no matter the distance.

To breakdown the complexities involved in the movement of goods and services across Africa, Uche Ogboi, the Chief Operating Officer of Lori, a logistics coordination platform that seamlessly connects cargo owners to transportation shared some insights at the Techcabal Townhall on Transport and Mobility in Lagos on Friday, September 27, 2019.

The event featured leading logistics and transportation industry professionals, as well as public sector officials who contributed ideas and tackled some burning issues relating to mobility in Africa. The discussions covered challenges caused by poor infrastructure in the movement of people, goods and services around Africa and Nigeria, while also exploring trends and existing opportunities for innovation.

Speaking on how Lori has successfully built a logistics platform that enables cargo owners to connect seamlessly with haulage and logistic services, Uche Ogboi declared that, “Lori is revolutionizing cargo transport across Africa from the ground up.”

Uche was joined in an operator panel session by Chinedu Azodoh of MAX, Obi Ozor of Kobo360 and Oluwatoyin Oshinowo of FieldInsight to discuss how tech-enabled logistics platforms are improving supply chain management and the movement of goods across the continent.

“The cost of moving goods in Africa is amongst the highest in the world, with 75% of the price that a consumer pays being attributable to logistics versus 6% in the U.S,” Uche revealed.

In order to resolve this mobility challenge and reduce the price of goods on the continent, Lori had designed a transparent supply chain management system that provides significant flexibility, reliability and affordability to enable a more rewarding logistic experience for everyone. The company which has successfully operated extensively in East Africa since 2016 has now begun an ambitious expansion across the African continent.

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