“Pastor asked me to bring women’s pants for ritual” – Suspect

Pastor denies knowing suspect, says he was set up.

For Adojoh Ojonugwa, he couldn’t refuse his pastor’s order to provide ladies’ underwear as a solution to his financial troubles.

Though the 35-year-old Kogi native claimed his pastor may have hypnotised him, he nonetheless proceeded to steal his brother’s wife and his sister’s underwear.

It was when his brother’s wife discovered that her pants were missing that she reported to the police. The complaint led to his arrest.

Adojoh was nabbed allegedly in possession of panties belonging to at least five different women by the police in Ondo.

He, alongside a pastor Olajide Ogunleye, was paraded before newsmen at the Command on Wednesday.

Adojoh claimed he had run to Ogunleye for a way out of his troubles and the pastor duly told him to provide the panties for money rituals.

Police say the suspects had confessed to the crime.

Adojoh is quoted as saying during his parade: “When things were difficult for me, I approached the pastor to help me out spiritually and he first gave me something like seeds to swallow and then asked me to go and bring women’s pants as ingredients for money rituals.

“I obeyed the pastor because immediately after I swallowed the thing he gave me, I could no longer disobey him; I could not even ask him what he wanted to do with the female pants that he asked me to bring. All I knew was that I went to my brother’s house and stole his wife’s pants and those of my sister.”

But Ogunleye, a pastor at a Celestial Church of Christ in Uso, Owo, denied the allegation. He said he had never met Adojoh and it was simply a set up.

“I don’t know him; I never set my eyes on him before now; he and his brother are just lying against me; it was his brother that I know. He wanted to buy a piece of land from me but I refused to sell the land to him, because he wanted to use the land to plant cannabis,” he is quoted to have said.

“I was surprised to be arrested by the police for a matter I know nothing about. It was a frame-up by his brother, because I refused to sell the land to him.”

There have been trepidation among Nigerian women that desperate wealth seekers are on the prowl for their underwear since late last year.

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