Mixed Reactions Trail The Expulsion of Babcock Student Involved In Leaked Sex Video

Many people are expressing opposing views over the expulsion of the female Babcock student who was involved in a leaked sex video.

Some argue that she should not have been expelled from the university since the act was not performed within the school. Others disagree by pointing out that her actions put the University in disrepute.

On Wednesday, the sex video of a third-year accounting student from Babcock University went viral online. The young lady was seen performing sexual acts with her purported boyfriend who was reportedly expelled from the same University earlier this year.

Responding to the matter, the University swiftly expelled the young lady. Their reason was that she violated the school’s rules and regulations.

But the action has become controversial as social media users argue whether having sex outside the University merits expulsion. But another section of the argument insists that capturing the act and posting it online passes as porn and deserves the punishment.

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