Dino Melaye’s cat and mouse game with police continues as he sleeps outside DSS medical facility

The lawmaker was seen lying in a bed at the entrance of the medical facility.

Senator Dino Melaye’s apparent cat and mouse game with the police continues.

The lawmaker was on Friday reported to have been forcefully moved out of the hospital he was receiving treatment by masked police operatives.

He was subsequently moved to the DSS facility in Abuja.

Dino, since giving himself up to the police, has claimed ill health. Police authorities say they suspect he was lying. Spokesperson Jimoh Moshood said on Friday that they decided to take him to health facility of the Department of State Services (DSS) for further treatment.

“Senator Dino Melaye was taken for medical attention at the Police Clinic, Abuja, after he surrendered himself for arrest on 4th January, 2019,” Moshood said in a statement.

Dino Melaye sleeping at the front of DSS medical facility.

“The police medical team at the police hospital, Abuja certified that senator Dino Melaye is well and healthy to stand trial after treating him. However, due to the complaint from senator Dino Melaye that he is not well, the Police Investigation Team has taken him this afternoon to another government hospital, DSS medical facility in Abuja for further medical attention.”

Upon arriving at the DSS medical facility, however, Dino was seen lying in a bed at the entrance. His associates allege that he was “dumped” there.

Police have said they have a warrant to hold the Senator, who has been accused of ordering his thugs to shoot an officer, till January 23.

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